This page is a collection of knowledge I’ve learned and personally find useful from time-to-time that will hopefully be useful to others too.

  • Run Script on Boot

    Run Script on Boot

    Back in the before times it was easy to run a script on boot; one could just put it in the rc.local file and be on their way. Nowadays, rc.local is deprecated/disabled and the new champion is systemd for all startup needs. What is systemd Systemd is an initialization system used to start user space,…

  • How to shrink disk images

    How to shrink disk images

    This guide is for shrinking disk images partitioned with a GUID Partition Table (gpt) on Linux. This guide will also likely work for drives with a MBR partition scheme but it has not been tested as of 04/19/20201. Creating a drive image First start with a drive image. Note that this is different than a…

  • 3D PDF Extraction

    3D PDF Extraction

    In 2005, the PDF standard was expanded to include support for the “Universal 3D” format. This decision was led by Intel, Boeing, and Adobe. The feature grew in popularity after inclusion in Adobe Acrobat 7.0 due to the fact that many institutions have restrictions on the kinds of files that can be shared in emailed…