• Porthole Portal

    Porthole Portal

    One of my friends has become obsessed with sailing. He “jokes” often about taking a few months off of his job and volunteering on a sailing ship. To soothe the call of the sea, I made him a porthole portal. A window into another reality. Design The “hole” part of the porthole was inspired by…

  • CRT Gameboy

    CRT Gameboy

    Technology of Old I’m not old enough to have experienced the era of cathode ray tube (CRT) gaming. By the time my age reached the double digits and I was allowed to play video games, CRTs had already become a dying breed. While their replacement, LCDs, had the humble CRT beat in power consumption, weight,…

  • LED Pattern Generator

    LED Pattern Generator

    Tool to generate breathing patterns for RGB LEDs. Includes exponential output scaling to linearize perceived brightness. Open the link below to access the p5.js editor. Configure the variables and red, green, and blue arrays will print to the console and can be used in firmware. The pattern is simulated in p5.js and was used to…