A selection of work that is currently not under NDA.

  • Transdermal Alcohol Sensor

    Transdermal Alcohol Sensor

    The Humble Transistor LLC: Project for BACtrack, the leader in portable alcohol products, as an alternative to the large current continuous alcohol monitoring solutions. I joined the project halfway through and helped bring the product closer to consumer ready stages. Iterated through prototype stages and diagnosed shortcomings in the hardware to increase reliability of the…

  • Every Day Calendar

    Every Day Calendar

    The Humble Transitor LLC: This habit forming tool was a product I worked on for the YouTuber Simone Giertz. I did the hardware design for the product from early prototyping to final versions. Additionally, this project had some major cost constraints due to its large size and low target price point and I worked with…

  • Skee-ball Soccer

    Skee-ball Soccer

    The Humble Transistor: A fun change of pace, this project for an interactive experience involved creating hardware for a team down in Los Angeles to integrate into the construction of a giant skee-ball machine that used soccer balls. The system made it so that a team with very limited technical knowledge could seamlessly integrate the…